Music Videos

"Huf Media's Moana In Real Life video goes VIRAL - 5 million views and counting...."

This video was an end-of-year passion project we were really excited about here at Huf Media. We filmed it with a team consisting of 7 crew members, and 12 talent. From beginning to end, the production ran about two months and has already collected over five million views in just over four weeks!



by Meleana brown

Meleana is a local artist, who now lives in L.A. and has sang with the likes of John Legend and Bruno Mars.

She just released her new album "White Walls" which this song is taken from.



Future + Hope is the banner song for New Hope Oahu's newest album. New Hope Oahu Music has won several Na Hoku Hanohano awards and consistently top the Praise and Worship Charts. We worked along with Fred Alcain, New Hope's music director to conceptualize the idea and then went to work producing and shooting the music video. It was shot over four shoot days with over 80 incredible volunteers.

This medley was composed and recorded by Ki'i Studios who approached us to have the music video produced. We worked alongside them to get a vision for the video. Below is their take on the production.